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The domain name


is available from the registered owner (me).

Note: aFriend.ca is a "DOT CA" domain name.
All ".ca" domain names have certain Canadian residency requirements, as explained at the CIRA Canadian Presence Requirements For Registrants. [.pdf]
CIRA ("Canadian Internet Registration Authority") is responsible for the registration of domain names of the ".ca" Top Level Domain.

First please read the page listing my best domain names available.
All of my other top domain names available are ".com", ".net", or ".org".

If you're interested and want to buy or make a serious offer on one or more of these domain names, please go to my contact page.

aFriend.ca is a short, descriptive, meaningful, very easy to remember domain name. Besides its potential as the name of a website for dating, friendship, meeting people online, etc., it would be great for hosting third-level domains. Its uses are limited only by your imagination.

Good domain names are mostly taken now, but I really don't have the time yet to develop and run another website myself, so I'm making it available for someone else to do something constructive (and maybe profitable) with.
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