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My Contact Information

Method A
You can email me at:

Method B - (Better)

Do a "Who-Is" lookup of dailyvisits.com (or any other domain name on this list of my best domain names for sale) and you'll find my registered contact information.

This method officially verifies that the domain names listed for sale
on this list belong to me.

Email me an offer at the email address listed as the Administrative Contact of the Domain Name that you're interested in buying.

Use a "Who Is" lookup such as
www.betterwhois.com or any other good one.

To do a "Who Is" lookup, enter one of my domain names.
My complete contact information is listed for all of the ".com", ".net", and ".org" domain names that are listed on this list of domain names for sale.

For My DOT CA (".ca") Domain Name:

CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) regulates the ".ca" domain names. The one ".ca" domain name on my list has its "Who Is" ownership privacy settings set by default as "not publically searchable", in accordance with CIRA regulations. According to CIRA, this is to reduce spam being sent to ".ca" domain name registrants. And yes, it works as intended. By the way, I'm a voting member of CIRA.

However, if you're interested in buying my listed ".ca" domain name, you can use the CIRA "Who Is" service at
cira.ca/whois. On that page there's a a link to the CIRA secure Message Delivery Form to send a message to the domain registrant's Administrative Contact. After that initial contact, we can continue by email.

All ".ca" domain names have certain Canadian residency requirements.
For details see the page: aFriend.ca.

Email is the best way of communicating with me.

In my listed Postal Mail address, "CA" means Canada (not "California"!).

Escrow Fees: - (Using an escrow service is completely optional.)
If we agree on the price for a domain name, you will pay for any escrow fees (to effect a secure transfer) IF you want to use such a service.
-- Its use is optional and up to you.

You can check the price of the escrow service using the fee calculator at https://www.escrow.com/support/calculator.asp

For more information on using an escrow service for Domain Name Transfers see this page. You may also want to go to the homepage of escrow.com and follow the links to better inform yourself of how an escrow service works, along with its advantages and guarantees.

-- Using an escrow service is completely optional. It's up to you.

In any case, if you buy one (or more) of my domain names, there will not be any other extra fees, commissions, or hidden costs for you to pay me.

Notes :

If you don't get a reply from me within a week or so, I either didn't get your email, or you didn't get my reply because your email address is invalid, over-quota, or my reply ended up in your "Spam" or "Trash" folder by mistake.

It might be a good idea to temporarily whitelist my email address (or add it to your Contacts list) while we're corresponding, so your email service allows my reply to be delivered to you safely.

I don't have the time right now to develop and run another website myself, so I'm making these domain names available to others to do something constructive (and maybe profitable) with.